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Hyundai Sonata Parts

Hyundai Sonata Parts

The benchmark midsize sedan for the automotive industry, the Hyundai Sonata, has been a leader in its class for over a decade. The Hyundai Sonata boasts the spacious interior and standard amenities and options that you can expect from the leader of its class. The Sonata has earned one of the highest mpg ratings in a non-hybrid model at 38mpg highway. The Sonata was also awarded the highest safety ratings in a government crash test ensuring that the vehicle will be around for decades to come. To guarantee that your Sonata is around for years to come, Hyundai strongly advises replacing old parts with genuine Hyundai parts. And at Hyundai Dealer Direct Parts, that's all we sell. So we can outfit you with all of your genuine OEM Hyundai Sonata replacement part needs. Only at Hyundai Dealer Direct Parts will you find everything -- the master OEM Hyundai Sonata parts catalog -- from engine air filters and oil filters to timing chains and power steering pumps. All at bargain prices. To shop Hyundai Sonata OEM parts now, click the menu item for your model year car and navigate our Hyundai Sonata parts catalog online.